Established in 1998, Instruction, Design, Evaluation, Assessment for Leadership – IDEAL™ is a project management service providing support and consulting services to Accounting and Finance professionals.  IDEAL specializes in designing, implementing and assessing accounting compliance within those processes which interact with accounting processes.

Accounting and Finance Processes are unique in that they require the professional to have operational knowledge of transactions in order to translate process steps into economic representations which comply with accounting and finance regulations including: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).



  • End to end accounting processes and those non-accounting areas which have strategies and processes which interact with them:
    • Code of Conduct, Delegation of Authority, Compliance monitoring and management
    • Sales pricing, orders –> Accounts Receivable: credit, collections, cash applications  –> Cash and Treasury
    • Procurement including vendor qualifications  –>Accounts Payable: invoice validation, payment –>  Cash and Treasury
    • Payroll (executive, regular, casual) input –>  processing  –>payment –> Cash and  Treasury
    • Fixed Asset requisition –> acquisition –> monitoring –> reporting
    • Intercompany transactions operational transactions –>  receivables, payables, –>Cash and Treasury
    • Financial Reporting: input from accounting departments which process, analyze, reconcile transactions  –> account set up, classification and maintenance –> financial  statement set up, classification and maintenance  –> key financial indicators  –>  key financial narratives
    • Accounting cycle  –> closing instructions, schedules, responsibilities, reporting
    • Information Technology (IT) policies, procedures, controls
    • Human Resources (HR) policies, procedures, job descriptions
    • End to end company and accounting policies, procedures
    • Document and Records Management

We provide:

  • Documentation: policies, process and procedure flowcharts
  • Self assessments, risk assessments, risk analysis, risk profile
  • Instruction: basic accounting skills, policies, procedures, internal controls, assessments
  • Consultation as to how to maintain and improve performance measures


We utilize Accounting, Business, Process and Project Management skills toward:

  • Process evaluation, assessment and comparison to general or best practices
  • (Re)engineering to improve cycle time and decrease defects per transaction
  • Account analysis and reconciliation, forensic accounting
  • Organizational and risk assessments